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Our ICEBERG indicator is available NOW for free on Ninja TRADER 8.

Here are the operating instructions that make it easy to use:

This indicator makes it possible to detect the ICEBERG orders, which are often heralds of a future trend reversal.


A colour will indicate the direction of the market trend during a trading session:

- The green colour means that the market is dominated by buyers ( bullish trend ).

- The red colour means that the market is dominated by sellers ( bearish trend ).

- The white colour indicates a zone of ​​balance between sellers and buyers.

(as shown in the graphs below).

This ICEBERG indicator gives you an excellent indication of the direction to follow.

It is designed to assist you, and it helps you maintain your positions as long as possible, which will considerably reduce your stress and optimize your gains.

The ICEBERG indicator is a reliable tool that optimises your entry and exit points while comforting you in your positions.

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