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We provide access to over 15 years of high-quality financial market data.

From Ticks to Daily, our files are composed of intra-day data minute by minute:

(Bid / Ask / High / Low / Open / Close and Volume).

Compatible with your trading software

You can easily convert our data and import it to NinjaTrader and many other trading platforms.

Such as MT4 / 5, Pro real time, C trader ...


Backtest your strategies

Our files are sorted, tested and verified for accuracy. You can easily import them into your trading software and start backtesting your automated trading systems.

We propose 15-year data for the following markets :


GOLD (GC) // S&P 500 (ES) // Euro Bund (FGBL) // NASDAQ (NQ) // PETROL (CL1) //

T-NOTES Bund 10 YEARS (ZN) // T-NOTES Bund 30 YEARS (ZB) // Le Blé (ZW) / FDAX // EUR / USD (6E).


The available Time Frames are as follows:

1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30min, H1, H4, and Daily

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